Hansel HS-55 CSDs ready for Egypt

Hansel Marine, a Chinese manufacturer of dredgers and dredging equipment, has announced that two sets of HS-55 series cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) are ready to be sent to Egypt.

Image source: Hansel

A couple of days ago, Hansel successfully completed the construction of two sets of new HS-55 Cutter Suction Dredger which will be dispatched to Africa.

The CSDs are dismantled and packaged for ocean transportation.

The HS-55 CSD is a proven and successful design of cutter suction dredger, very popular in the market, said Hansel.

The new HS-55 includes an enlarged main engine and optimized dredge pump which can transfer the slurry to a longer distance.

The dredge equipment will arrive in Egypt in October, said Hansel.