All set for Oceanside emergency dredging

The Oceanside emergency dredging project is scheduled to take place as planned, starting Tuesday, September 8, the City of Oceanside Harbor, CA, said in their latest announcement.

The Army Corps of Engineers awarded the contract to Manson Construction and funding for the 180,000 cubic yards was approved.

Lot 12 will be closed for the duration of the dredge.

The first 7-10 days will consist of mobilizing equipment, dredge pipe and vessels.

Harbor Beach will be used to stage the delivery of pipe and re-weld the plastic pipe into 500′ sections. Those sections will be dragged to the City beach.

The first location to deposit sand is expected to be just north of the Pier.

“Manson Construction anticipates moving the dredge out-fall as far south as possible. Hopefully that will provide a nice base of sand for the next dredge cycle in the Spring,” said the city.

Photo: City of Oceanside Harbor