Backhoe dredger SARB arrives in Abu Dhabi

One of the latest additions to NMDC’s (National Marine Dredging Company) fleet of vessels, the backhoe dredger SARB has safely arrived in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Roll Group

After a voyage from Rotterdam, MV Rolldock Sky floated off the SARB in the Port of Mina Zayed.

The great co-operation between all parties resulted in a safe and on time delivery, reported the Roll Group.

Ravestein B.V. and NMDC signed contract for backhoe dredger SARB in Abu Dhabi on February 15, 2019.

The inauguration of the newbuild took place at the shipbuilders facility in Deest, the Netherlands, in May 2020.

The backhoe dredger SARB technical specifications:

  • Length – 60m;
  • Width – 18m;
  • Draught – 4.5m;
  • Dredging depth – 25m;
  • Bucket size – 14m²;
  • Spud forces – 400T each;
  • Spudwinches – 100T each;
  • Spudcarier – 10m.