HID raises the bar in Suya Lake project

China Railway Group recently launched the HID-CSD-6024 model 5500m3/h cutter suction dredger Shaoshan 1 into the Suya Lake – the largest artificial lake in Asia. 


The lake was built in 1958 and rebuilt in 1989.

In time, a large number of alluvium deposition accumulated, causing serious siltation in the reservoir and weakening the main function of the Suya Lake.

With a long required pumping distance, the HID Dredging Company also provided a booster pump station named Mission 2 for this project.

HID photo

At the moment, five HID cutter suction dredgers are currently in operation and the daily dredging capacity reaches 50,000 cubic meters. 

The main goals of this capital cleanup project are:

  • improving the self-purification function of the lake, and
  • putting the Huai River flood events under control.
HID photo