North Wildwood coastal scheme underway

Agate Construction Co. is currently working to repair sections of the Hereford Inlet/Anglesea Seawall in North Wildwood, NJ.

Work involves installing concrete block mattresses that extend into the channel.

The mattresses will then be covered with more than 20,000 ton of stone, said the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Philadelphia District.


In cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the City of North Wildwood, USACE awarded a contract to Agate Construction to repair damage along sections of the Hereford Inlet Seawall.

Erosion along the underwater edge of the wall caused portions of the wall to collapse.

To fix the problem, Agate will install concrete block mattresses that extend into the channel along the bottom of the inlet.

The mattresses are designed to fold into areas of erosion and prevent the erosion from migrating towards the wall. 

The seawall was originally constructed in 2009 and provides coastal flood risk management for homes along the Hereford Inlet.

Construction is anticipated to be completed in March 2021. 

Photo: USACE