Damen delivers CSD500 LUCIO

Cutter suction dredger LUCIO of the Damen CSD500 series is about to begin its journey to Argentina.

Built for the Argentinian dredging contractor SERVIMAGNUS, the newbuild is now disassembled and ready for transport.

Painted with the customers company colors, the vessel has a modular design to ensure practical and easy shipping.

Soon, this fully customized dredger will start its way to Buenos Aires province.

There, the LUCIO will help to mitigate floodings by joining the huge maintenance dredging job at the Río Salado.

Due to heavy siltation, flooding has become a regular occurrence in the past decade, threatening agriculture and livestock.

This CSD500 will join Servimagnus’ fleet to push forward with the maintenance dredging works.

With a production of 4.000 m3/h and a max dredging depth of -14m, the powerful dredger is ready for the job.

Photo: Damen