All set for Brainerd Lake dredging

The Cranbury Township, NJ, is about to enter the construction phase for a large-scale dredging project within Brainerd Lake.

Occasional removal of accumulated sediment is necessary to maintain the lake’s physical features and ecological health.

Brainerd Lake was last dredged in the 1970s. Sediment accumulation has once again reached a level that poses a threat to water quality, aquatic vegetation and recreational activity.

The upcoming dredging project will restore these features and protect community’s important asset.

The general construction sequence will include:

  • Lake Lowering – Lake water will be drained through the dam. Fish and aquatic life will be protected through the proper New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Division of Fish and Wildlife salvage protocols;
  • Sediment Removal – Excavators and trucks will remove sediment, which will immediately be hauled away to licensed disposal sites;
  • Lake Restoration – The lake will be filled via natural stream flow to its pre-construction level, and fish and aquatic life will be restored.

Lowering of lake waters is expected to be completed by November 1, and construction will progress through early January 2021.

All seasonal dock structures and watercraft should be removed from the lake by October 12, 2020, the Township said.

Photo: pxhere

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