TSHD David Allan to undergo regular maintenance

One of the most familiar vessels in the Port of Newcastle (NSW) is the dredging vessel David Allan.

Its job is to maintain the depth of the channel by removing sand, silt, and mud via a trailing suction arm into the hopper of the dredge. This work is essential to the safe and seamless passage of deep draft vessels through the channel.

TSHD David Allan is currently undergoing its five yearly docking and major refit at Harwood Marine Surveys. According to the port, the docking and refit of the dredge will take eight weeks.

Recently, the David Allan made its maiden voyage into the Port of Yamba and then onto Harwood for the works.

Targeted bed levelling operations will continue in the port to maintain the harbour depth during the David Allan’s temporary absence.

Photo: Ross Roberts – Harwood Marine Surveys