North Sandy Pond dredging starts

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo last week announced the start of dredging at North Sandy Pond.

Sandy Pond Channel Maintenance Association

The project, located in the Oswego County town of Sandy Creek, is part of the State’s $15 million REDI Regional Dredging Project.

The initiative is addressing a backlog of projects at harbor navigation channels along the southern shore of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

“The REDI program is a testament to what can be accomplished when state and local government work together,” Governor Cuomo said. 

“North Sandy Pond is the fourth site under this program that will help build more resilient communities as climate change continues to be our reality.”

“The project ensures New Yorkers will be able to continue to enjoy one of their favorite summer destinations.” 

The North Sandy Pond project is expected to take approximately a month to complete, depending on conditions at the site and the weather.

An excavator and dump truck will remove more than 4,000 cubic yards of sediment and debris that has collected just inshore of the navigation channel.