Rohde Nielsen completes major beachfill in Sylt, Germany

Rohde Nielsen A/S yesterday announced the successful completion of the 4-year contract “Beach Nourishment Sylt 2017 – 2020”.

According to the company, the project was completed six weeks ahead of schedule.

Sylt is a sandy barrier island in the North Sea. It is the most northern of the German Wadden Sea islands.

The main aim of the scheme was to protect the sandy coast against the rough weather conditions of the North Sea.

During the last four summer-seasons Rohde Nielsen fleet of vessels worked tirelessly to secure the 35 kilometres long Sylt coastline.

Some of the vessels that took part in this project include hopper dredgers Njord R, Thor R, Idun R, Sif R, Magni R and Trud R.

In addition to this, Rohde Nielsen tugs installed an underwater pipeline on 28 separate spots along the beach.

During the works, the company dredged over 6.4 million cubic meters of sand, out of which around 4.6 million m³ was pumped on to the beach.

The remaining 1.82 million cubic meters of sand were dumped in the foreshore areas.

Photo: Rohde Nielsen