Backhoe dredger Grete Fighter gets upgrade

Peter Madsen Rederi’s largest backhoe dredger ‘Grete Fighter’ has been upgraded with a brand new Liebherr 976 excavator.

Peter Madsen

The new excavator uses biodegradable hydraulic oil and is well suited for work in environmentally sensitive areas.

After many years of hard work, the old Liebherr 974 on the vessel had reached the end of its lifetime.

With a new excavator mounted, the Grete Fighter is ready for many more dredging, trenching and stone installation projects in the future, said the company.

Every year, Peter Madsen dredges many hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of material from the seabed and the harbors of Denmark and other regions of Northern Europe.

Projects range from the maintenance dredging of 1,000m3 in small yachting marinas, excavation of trenches for cables and pipelines to the larger capital dredging works.