Texas sediment tracing study by Partrac

Partrac Geomarine has successfully delivered another tracing study in the U.S., supporting a beach replenishment project at South Padre Island, Texas.

To monitor emplaced berm sediments, Partrac GeoMarine used their proprietary dual signature sediment tracers.

These geological analogues are natural sediments tagged with two unique signatures – each tracer grain is both fluorescent and magnetic.

The applied signatures ensure that the tracer grains remain uniquely identifiable within the native sediment load, said Partrac.

Commenting the latest news, Dr. Kevin Black, Technical Director, said: “This was an exciting project for Partrac Geomarine to be involved with, and an excellent application of Partrac’s proprietary dual signature sediment tracing technology/technique.”

“It was particularly interesting to be part a multi-agency project, working with project partners to investigate, in terms of cost and environmental benefit, the utility of nearshore berm placement for beach nourishment purposes.”

The study generated empirical data to inform future shoreline management practice and to support numerical modelling efforts used for long term prediction of sediment transport pathways from nearshore berms to the beach. 

Photo: Partrac