Rohde Nielsen wraps up work on the Tolmount project

Rohde Nielsen A/S recently completed the route preparation works on the Tolmount Development Project for Saipem LTD.

Rohde Nielsen A/S

During the works, which started in early spring, the company cleared over 3.000 boulders from the pipeline route.

Rohde Nielsen also dredged and backfilled a 5km nearshore trench and 50.000 m3 of clay material have been pre-sweep dredged at offshore locations.

The company’s vessels MPV Heimdal R and the BHD Mjølner R supported by a dedicated survey team conducted the work. Rohde Nielsen’s RimfaxeR and SkinfaxeR provided valuable assistance as well.

Before pipe pull by Saipem LTD, Rohde Nielsen provided the platform for the pull-wire lay and assisted during the operation. This was a demanding task in an exposed location on the UK east coast.

The company managed to deliver everything within the expected timeframe despite the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.