The first ever LNG bunkering for CSD Spartacus

DEME Group has successfully performed the first ever LNG bunkering of their giant cutter suction dredger (CSD) ‘Spartacus’.

This is not only the first ever LNG bunkering of a CSD in their fleet, but it is also the first time in the world.

Titan LNG performed the ship-to-ship bunkering, in close cooperation with DEME and the shipyard Royal IHC.

Furthermore, with her dual fuel engines and huge installed capacity of 44,180 kW, ‘Spartacus’ is a groundbreaking vessel in the industry.

Also, the CSD is able to cut harder soils at speeds that have not been possible before and dredge in waters up to 45m.

“Spartacus is just one of the pioneering dual fuel vessels in our fleet and she highlights the substantial investments we are making throughout our business to attain our ambitious goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050,” said DEME.

Photo: DEME