Indiana Harbor dredging kicks off

Indiana Harbor dredging is underway and will continue through the fall of 2020, the USACE Chicago District reports.

Equally important, this work is a continuation of the dredging that stopped in 2019 for the winter season.

According to USACE, Kokosing Construction Company and O’Brien and Gere will dredge approximately 200,000 CY in 2020.

The project consists of a harbor channel ranging in depth from 27 to 29 feet low water datum, and two canals with depths of 22 feet.

Also, the project includes the operation and maintenance of the East Chicago, Indiana, confined disposal facility.

Since 2012, over 1.58 million cubic yards of sediment has been removed, improving efficiency of deep draft commercial navigation.

By next year, a majority of the federal channel will be dredged to congressionally-authorized navigation depths.

Photo: USACE