Repairing damaged Lower Missouri River channel

The USACE Kansas City District is currently performing multiple tasks to address priority areas of concern and damages on the Lower Missouri River.

These obstacles in the waterway have accumulated during the last few years of high water.

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, assets and crew, are en route to help us with repairs,” said the Kansas District.

However, USACE is using all available resources to include a combination of contractors, including one for emergency dredging, and our in-house floating plant to repair flood damaged structures and improve channel conditions.

An extended period of high water on the Lower Missouri River damaged 50-75 percent of the 7,000 river training structures that make up the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project.

Also, this damage caused navigation restrictions as the river returned to normal levels in the summer/fall 2020.

Photo: USACE