Dredger Grane R gets new sponsons

The project to retrofit the Rohde-Nielsen’s dredger Grane R was successfully completed at the Remontowa shipyard last month.


The Grane R is a powerful offshore grab dredger and stone placing vessel, capable of performing a variety of projects related to backfilling, boulder removal, rock installation, etc.

The most important task was to retrofit the ship with sponsons – the projections from each side of the hull.

Installation of sponsons on ships such as the Grane R is rare, said Remontowa. Also, the implementation of this project involved additional modification of virtually all ship’s systems.

The azimuth thruster was inspected and overhauled under the surveillance of the service technician. Further, the boat landing ladder was mounted on the starboard side.

Moreover, the hull with sponsons underwent maintenance and was painted, as well as all new constructions made by the shipyard.

On the Grane R, the shipyard installed two sponsons, each 1.6 m wide, containing six tanks on each side.

The total weight of the entire assembled structure has reached 203 tonnes.