Collier County 2020 beachfill set for November

The Collier County 2020 Beach Renourishment Project roll out is being planned to start in early November. 

Vanderbilt Beach & Harbour Club

At yesterday’s Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting, they approved Earth Tech Enterprises to place sand on Naples Beach. These areas include Doctors Pass to near Lowdermilk Park.

Construction Engineering Inspection will be performed by Collier County Coastal Zone Management. The third party auditing and quality assurance will be provided by Taylor Engineering.

The project will utilize the northern Lowdermilk Park access to place approximately 47,500 cubic yards of beach quality sand to raise and widen the beach.

Also, the northern park exit onto Gulf Shore Boulevard and the northern parking areas will be closed to the public, along with the northern beach access (walking) path.

Further, mobilization of equipment for the project is being planned to begin set up in the following days.

Finally, the sand placement will start in the first part of November with anticipated completion in early December.

A $2 million overall project budget was approved by the BCC on May 26, 2020.