Flinders Port approach works

The Environmental Protection Agency has confirmed that there has been ‘no adverse impact to the seagrass’ as a result of Flinders Ports’ dredging of Outer Harbor to widen the channel in 2019.

Flinders Port

According to the Flinders Ports, environmental stewardship is fundamental to their operating approach.

“Widening the channel was commercially vital to the economic success of our state. Working with the EPA we were able to deliver this crucial project,” said Flinders Ports.

Through an innovative and dynamic turbidity monitoring program, the port constantly monitored for any risk to the local seagrass.

Speaking about the EPA confirmation, Flinders Port Holdings CEO, Stewart Lammin said: “Our seagrass management project, which ran alongside the Outer Harbor Channel Widening, is proof that our approach is working.”

The monitoring program itself will continue as part of wider efforts to ensure that the channel is maintained sustainably.

The project was a collective effort involving scientists, regulators, EPA, dredging contractor Boskalis, and key senior personnel from the ports.

The team involved in the project is running for a SA Science and Excellence Award in acknowledgment of their work.