Wainfleet all Saints dredging underway

Royal Smals recently started maintenance dredging in Wainfleet all Saints, an ancient port on the east coast of England.

The main goal of this project is to protect the area and community of Wainfleet all Saints from flooding.

In addition, through dredging, the dredged silt will be used to fertilize a local farmland – a win-win situation.

The road transportable 10” hydraulic cutter suction dredger was chosen to perform the task, the company said.

In an eco-friendly and noiseless way, the dredger is maneuvering over the channel bottom with its articulated swing ladder.

Further, the dredged material is being transported through the pipelines to the lagoons to fertilize the farmland.

The first phase of these ambitious works will be completed in the following weeks.

Photo: Royal Smals