Rohde Nielsen wraps up Ystad dredging

Rohde Nielsen A/S has successfully completed the dredging and reclamation works for the Swedish Ystad Harbor expansion project.

The main goal of this development program was to accommodate the construction of two new ferry terminals.

The Copenhagen based company started the Ystad dredging and reclamation operations in May 2019.

RN photo

BHD Gungner R, BD Ajax R and TSHD Tjalfe R, Idun R and Thor R were utilized to remove 800.000 m3 of clay.

The material was pumped into the reclamation area, paving the way for further expansion of the port’s industrial area.

Also, their hopper barges, barge unloaders, tug boats and survey vessels contributed greatly to the success of the project.

Amongst other things, the scope also included precise mechanical dredging for underwater concrete casting and filling of precast pier heads.

RH photo

Photo: Rohde Nielsen