Seawick sea defences project kicks off

The Environment Agency has started work on a £1.1 million scheme that will improve the resilience of the sea defences at Seawick, Essex.

According to the EA, the scheme will reduce the risk of erosion to the existing sea defences. The plan is to place rock armour around the sea wall at Hutley’s Gap and along a 250m section in front of the Bel Air Chalet Estate.

By improving the defences, the low lying area behind the seawall will be better protected from sea flooding.

Tom Stanley, EA Project Manager: “The Seawick project will benefit the local area by better protecting the current seawall from erosion.”

“With this work we are extending the life of the existing seawall in the most cost effective way. Without this project, larger more expensive works would be required in the near future,” added Stanley.

How the work will progress

During the first weeks, the contractor will deliver the rocks by road, keeping it in a temporary storage area on the upper section of beach.

The construction will focus around low tides between the hours of 5:00am and 9:00pm. Dump trucks will distribute the rocks and large excavators will then place them to form the rock armour.

The contractor, Van Oord will complete the work by the end of the year, stated the Environment Agency.

Photo: The Environment Agency