Luedtke completes Buffalo CDF repairs

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District has announced the completion of armor stone placing at the Buffalo confined disposal facility (CDF) #4.

According to the Corps, the contractor – Luedtke Engineering Co. competed armor stone placing on October 27, 2020.

This is the third contract in recent years to rehabilitate the outer dike wall and Luedtke has been awarded prime contractor for all three contracts.

The work required placing new armor stone on the outer dike wall and creating a uniform crest height using cast in place concrete blocks.

Luedtke did a great job this year rehabilitating the last 800ft of wall by placing about 6800 tons of new armor stone during this contract, said USACE.

The CDF #4, constructed by USACE for the placement of sediment, is located at the south entrance of the channel.

The facility was constructed in 1977 by building a stone perimeter dike in order to contain dredged material. The Buffalo CDF 4 is different from typical CDF designs; it is designed to be a filtration dike.

Since the CDF was built, decades of storm wave action have deteriorated and shifted the large stones on the dike crest.

Following the completion of works, this repair project will ensure the CDF continues to function as originally designed.

Photo: USACE