Modi R continues Western Australia mission

Since the project start in 2018, hopper dredger Modi R has successfully dredged over 4.8 million tonnes of sand to support Cockburn Cement Ltd.’s operations.

Cockburn is producing cement and lime that is being used for the construction, mining, alumina and water treatment sectors in Western Australia.

According to Rohde Nielsen, the vessel is working on a 24/7 basis, with a specialised crew onboard. All this just to ensure compliance with the WA Mining Act, in conjunction with Commonwealth and State maritime regulatory frameworks.

Overall, the work is progressing as planned and the project is due to be complete in 2030.

Modi R is a unique split hopper dredger. The vessel is able to dredge at depths of 24 m, with possibility of extension.

The vessel has very shallow draught and the powerful dredge pumps that can pump 2200m. This, combined with great maneuverability, makes Modi R a preferred choice for all types of dredging and sand supply.

Photo: Rohde Nielsen