Another successful project for Rohde Nielsen

Last month, Rohde Nielsen A/S successfully completed cable lowering of two 150kV live cables for TeslaN BV, a service provider of high voltage for Tennet.

Rohde Nielsen

As reported by Rohde Nielsen, the company executed approximately 1km of cable lowering within one week. The project was done without conflicting the clients’ core task of delivering electricity in Zeeland, NL.

The cable lowering was performed by means of Mass Flow Excavation technique. The company used its inhouse designed MFE tool mounted on the dredger Njord R, operating with Dynamic Positioning.

“We easily achieved the Target Depth of 3.0m, whilst maintaining a safe distance of minimum 2m from the cables at all times,” stated Rohde Nielsen.

The company also added that the works were completed well within schedule and budget of the client. During the works, there were no interruptions to the heavy traffic of Westerschelde.

Njord R is a split hopper suction dredger, one of the biggest and most versatile of its kind. The vessel is capable of dredging on depths of 65 m. The hydrodynamic design, along with latest environmental technology, give a fuel reduction of 20%. A highly advanced Dynamic Positioning system enables extremely precise maneuverability.