VIDEO: Grete Fighter and Margrethe Fighter at Trelleborgs Hamn

The Port of Trelleborg/Trelleborgs Hamn recently released this amazing video of two backhoe dredgers “Grete Fighter” and “Margrethe Fighter”, working on the ongoing construction of two new ferry berths in the port.

Trelleborgs Hamn

Construction work, conducted by Peab, started in June 2020 and the project is expected to be finished at year-end 2021/2022.

View on Youtube.

In order to expand the port, a new land mass will be built up where there is now only ocean.

Dredged material brought up from the ocean floor will be stabilized and paved to become part of the new port.

Connected to the new ferry berths the project also includes about 700 meters tonguing for the new dock constructions.

In fact, Port of Trelleborg is the largest RoRo port in Scandinavia. It handles a significant share of the Swedish foreign export / import volumes.

Also, the relocation of the ferry berths to the southeast means significant environmental benefits, as the ferry traffic moves further away from the central of Trelleborg.

The move to the new berths is also made with the aim of shortening the time and increase the safety of maneuvering the vessels within the port area and also improves the logistics in the port.

Finally, Port of Trelleborg will be able to receive 240 m long vessels when the ferry berths no. 11 and 12 are completed. Ferry berth no. 10 will be adapted with a new side ramp for TT-Line’s upcoming ship “Green Ship”.