PHOTO: Dredger Freja R pumping in Denmark

Rohde Nielsen A/S recently released a picture of the split hopper dredger Freja R while she was working on the Rønne Port expansion project in Denmark.

Rohde Nielsen

The shallow draught and the powerful dredge pumps, combined with the excellent capability in positioning, made Freja R a perfect choice for this development project.

Over the two years, in 2018 and 2019, Rohde Nielsen with its expertise contributed to the development of Rønne Port.

During the works, 15 hectares of new land area, 600 meters of new quay, 1150 meters of pier together with a new harbor basin with 11 meters of water depth were constructed.

Rohde Nielsen was responsible for the dredging and delivery of 900.000 m³ sand to the hinterland. The dredged amounts were transported to the dump site located approx. 2.5 km west of Rønne, while beach nourishment of approx. 20.000 m³ was executed outside Galløkken.

Apart of the Freja R, the following vessels were also involved in this project: NjordR, ThorR, SifR, HeimdalR, MjølnerR, GereR, FrekeR, BaugiR, BjarkeR, HuginR, MuninR, RimfaxeR and SkjoldR.