CDW hands over new electric powered dredge to Legacy Materials

Custom Dredge Works (CDW) announced recently the delivery of a new 14″ Electric powered Chain Ladder Dredge to Legacy Materials in Booneville, Iowa.

Custom Dredge Works

According to CDW, the new dredge boasts two unique characteristics: 1) Electric Powered, and 2) A Chain Ladder cutting system.

The electric powered dredge will greatly reduce or eliminate air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and ongoing maintenance requirements.

On the other hand, the Chain Ladder cutting system will allow the dredge to mine effectively and efficiently in the presence of large rock, coble, and other debris indicative of aggregate deposits in this area of Booneville adjacent to the Raccoon River.

CDW President, John Jones commented “Our focus was to design and deliver a World-Class Flagship Dredge to Legacy Materials. We believe that we have achieved that, and we are excited to see how this aggressive and cutting-edge dredge will aid Legacy in its rise to be one of the top aggregate mining operations in Iowa.”

“As a family-owned business ourselves, we are excited to work with another family-owned and oriented business in Custom Dredge Works. We choose CDW because of their reputation of quality and being the overall best value,” said Misty Wittern Lee, CEO and President of Legacy Materials.