CSD J.S. Chatry starts Morehead City works

Weeks Marine’s cutterhead-suction dredge, the J.S. Chatry arrived recently to Morehead City Harbor to start dredging and beach nourishment works.

According to the Carteret County, after arrival the J.S. Chatry transited to the most seaward reach of the channel to start dredging with concurrent beach nourishment on January 6th.

In terms of the beachfill, the dredged sand is pumped through a submerged pipeline from the channel that lands west of the terminal groin at Ft. Macon State Park where the land-based pipe is affixed to.

The beachfill starts east of the Ft. Macon State Park “Bath House” Parking/Access area and will progress westward from that point to the Circle in Atlantic Beach.

The total estimated volume of material to be dredged from the harbor during the works is 1,143,000 cubic yards. The material mostly comes from the areas known as the “Range B, Cutoff, and Range A”.

County officials expect that Weeks Marine will complete the work by the end of March 2021, as the environmental window for the work closes on April 30, 2021.

Photo: Carteret County