Coastal defense works wrap up at Westover, Milford on Sea

The construction work for the urgent coastal protection at Westover, Milford on Sea has now been completed.

Constructed during some very challenging weather conditions, the defenses have already been put to the test during Storm Bella over the Christmas break, performing their function well in providing protection to the area.

Contractors, Earlcoate Construction & Plant Hire Ltd, have been carrying out urgent works to the failing seawall at Milford on Sea, Westover, since August 2020. 

The work is an interim phase of urgent work to protect approximately 180m of the coastline by constructing a rock defense that will protect a number of properties including the Grade 2 listed White House and reduce the risk of further failure of the seawall.

This completed first phase of work has included:

  • 180m of Larvik rock revetment constructed to protect and reinforce the remaining seawall, from the White House towards the west, comprising 9,000 tonnes of granite.
  • A smaller rock revetment has been constructed (in area 1 on the plan) for protection to that area, comprising 3,000 tonnes of rock, following further storm damage to the seawall during the autumn 2020.
  • In total construction of 268.3m of rock revetment. The addition to the length meant that the two existing revetments would then be joined up between the White House and Paddy’s Gap. 
  • Further stabilization works were also undertaken to sections of the failed seawall, including steel sheets and girders reinforcing the failing seawall behind the newly constructed rock revetment. Repairs have also been undertaken to timber groynes along the beach to manage the movement of shingle by interrupting the longshore drift of material.
  • Drainage works and landscaping complete the work undertaken at Westover.

The revetment has been constructed from Norwegian granite. This rock was chosen because it is more resistant to the erosion from shingle and the impact of waves at the coast than native limestone.