Rohde Nielsen nabs Klaipeda dredging contract

Klaipeda State Seaport Authority has signed a contract for the dredging works of the shipping canal up to 15 meters.

The European Union assigned 17.3 million euros to implement the project. The work will be performed by the Danish dredging company Rohde Nielsen A/S.

It is not the first big project implemented by the Danes in Klaipeda Port – Rohde Nielsen A/S conducted deepening operations in these areas during 2011-2013.

When the depth of the shipping canal and the permissible draught of vessels is increased up to 13.8m from the northern part of Klaipeda Port up to Malku Bay, more heavily loaded vessels will be able to call to the port resulting in lower intensity of navigation.

Upon completion, the carriage term of cargoes will get shorter, air pollution will be reduced and bigger safety of navigation will be assured.

“This project has not only economical, but also environmental significance. It is not a rare case that maritime companies are carrying part of cargoes to Klaipeda Port by incompletely loaded or smaller vessels, thus relatively more resources are used to carry the same number of cargoes: more time is wasted, bigger journey expenses are incurred, while more intensive navigation affects quality of air, as well,” said Mr. Algis Latakas, Director General of Klaipeda State Seaport Authority.

“We hope that the works will be performed smoothly and quickly, without need to restrict navigation. We plan to start the works next month and to finish the project next spring.”

Around 483 million euros will be invested into development of Klaipeda Port in 2021–2024; part of the works will be financed from the EU structural funds.

The majority of funds will be assigned for the reconstruction of the port’s quays and dredging works.