VIDEO Hansel CSDs arrive at King Mariout Lake

Hansel Marine, a Chinese company involved in the production of dredgers and dredging equipment, successfully delivered a new set of Hansel HS-55 type of cutter suction dredgers (CSDs) at the King Mariout Lake dredging site in Alexandria last month.

View on Youtube.

At the moment, four more sets of HS-55 are getting ready for a task in this area – two sets of HS-55 are on their way from China to Alexandria, and another two sets are under construction in China.

“Our client is very happy with the performance and quality of the dredgers,” said Mr. Alex Tong, Dredging and Shipbuilding Specialist, Sales and Marketing Director at Hansel Marine.

In addition to the dredgers, Hansel also supplied the workboats, the pipelines and other accessories for this dredging project.