Prince Pond dredging nearly complete

Dredging and pond improvement project in Downers Grove (IL) is now nearly complete, reports the V3 Companies.

The Downers Grove Park District in partnership with the Village administered this project for sediment removal at Prince Pond to achieve increased water depth for improved water quality.

V3’s construction group executed the work that included dredging of the pond, reconstruction of the flagstone walkway along the east edge of the pond, shoreline stabilization with additional boulders, etc.

During the dredging of the pond, the sediment was pushed into a pile near the existing concrete boat launch and loaded into dump trucks to be hauled away.

Having completed dredging on the north end of the pond in late January, the contractors moved to the south end and worked their way back to the middle.

As reported, the dredging of the pond is almost done now, and the remaining sediment will be removed from the pond this week.

Photo: V3 Companies