IHC America delivers water injection dredger to NCSPA

IHC America has successfully delivered and commissioned their water injection dredger (WID) Osprey to the North Carolina State Ports Authority (NCSPA).

The dredger will perform maintenance in the main seaports of Wilmington and Morehead City for maintaining the depths at all berths, wharves and turning basins year-round, which will maximize the vessel tonnage capabilities at these ports.

IHC America photo

The Osprey is designed to move sediment utilizing hydrodynamic principles at low cost from the various dredged areas and allowing the natural currents in the channel to move the sediment from these areas, while keeping the material within the Cape Fear River system.

According to IHC America, the dredger was designed to be low in maintenance and ease of operation per NCSPA requirements.

IHC America photo

The vessel was built in Florida and tugged to North Carolina, following dredging demonstration programs in both the Ports of Wilmington and Morehead City. 

Photo: IHC America