PrimeBMD completes MICT works

PrimeBMD – a construction and infrastructure development company in the Philippines – recently completed maintenance dredging project for the Manila International Container Terminal (MICT).

The maintenance dredging is crucial in maintaining designated channel and berth depths to ensure the continued efficient passage of vessels at the country’s largest, most advanced container terminal.

“Kudos to our highly dedicated team of dredge crews who has been working round-the-clock to support this dredging project,” said PrimeBMD in the news release.

The contract for maintenance dredging of the Manila International Container Terminal was won back in 2018.

In the same year, Royal IHC delivered a brand new IHC Beaver 50 cutter suction dredger with a workboat DMC1200 to PrimeBMD.

Thanks to this IHC Beaver and many other vessels, the company managed to successfully complete another season of maintenance dredging at the MICT.

Photo: PrimeBMD