Land & Water’s excavator ready for Peel Marina dredging

Land & Water has just released this beautiful photo of their 130 long reach excavator, loaded onto a vessel at Glasson Docks and ready to be transported to the Isle of Man for dredging works at Peel Marina.

A new round of dredging work, set to remove 44,000 tonnes of silt from Peel Marina, will resume in late February, following the return to work of the construction sector.

Land & Water photo

Following on from last year’s dredging works, the dredging process will again involve using a long reach excavator on a floating barge, with the material transported 450 meters in purpose-designed trailers to a temporary drainage pool constructed in a field upstream from the Marina, beyond the power station site.

Moving the material involves two tractors and trailers undertaking a total of 30 return journeys a day during the dredging works, running 7am to 7pm every day. 16,000 tonnes of silt was removed from the marina during 2020, the statement reads.

“At Land & Water, we pride ourselves on providing innovative transport solutions from harnessing the River Thames as a transport system to looking for alternative ways to ship our specialist plant,” the company said.

Photo: Land & Water