Innovations in Dredging webinar starts this Friday

This week, Western Dredging Association (WEDA) will hold their next webinar, the Innovations in Dredging.


The Innovations in Dredging webinar – set for Friday, February 26, 2021 (from 11 AM to noon EST) – will feature two presentations by Aiden Horan and Xiuhan Chen.

Innovations in Dredging Topics & Presenters
• Innovative Scow Boarding System
Aiden Horan, Vice President Of Engineering & Innovation, J. Cashman, Inc.
• A 3D Analytical Model for Linear Rock Cutting Process
Ir. Xiuhan Chen, PostDoc Researcher, Delft University of Technology

A 3D Analytical Model for Linear Rock Cutting Process

This research explains the analytical derivation for upgrading the current rock cutting models from 2D to 3D, from cutting with sharp tools to cutting with wear flat. The analytical derivation is supported by experimental research.

Innovative Scow Boarding System

A typical split hull dump scow has an air draft ranging from around 20ft (to the scow walkway surface) when empty to roughly 4ft when loaded. This large range of vertical movement has made safe man access to the scow troublesome at times.

The traditional solution for access to the scows is either using a hinged ladder attached to the deck of a dredge which is swung into position when needed and placed in a storage position away from the scow when not in use or via the pigeon holes on the side of the scow.

This hinged ladder system is adequate for a lite scow when the ladder is used within normal ladder parameters, but the more a scow is loaded the shallower the angle becomes for the hinged ladder until it can no longer safely perform the function for which it is intended.

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