Two river upgrade projects about to begin in Shenzhen

Following the approval of the design deepening and feasibility reports, the upgrade projects of two rivers in Shenzhen, China is expected to begin this April, informs the Dutch water sector.

In Shenzhen, the ambitious Blueway program aims to recover 1000 kilometres of existing rivers, riverfronts, and lakes by 2025.

With scenic rivers and lake shorelines as basis, Shenzhen wants to achieve a vision that urban life and industry exists in harmony with safety, ecology, and environmental quality.

The story of the project starts in May 2020 when the consortium of NL Urban Solutions, Lingnan Landscape Design Group and China Design Group (hydrology) was shortlisted as the only bidding consortium for three international Blueway competitions in Shenzhen: Xinqiao river, Shiyan river and Songang river.

Only one month later, NL Urban Solutions and the consortium with their creative and realistic concept design proposal was the winner in two Blueway projects: Xinqiao river and Shiyan river.

The upgrades are part of the river restoration Blueway programme conducted by the province of Guangdong and involves many rivers in the Pearl River Delta.

The programme aims at the creation of multifunctional waterfront spaces with an integration of safe flood passages, scenic ecological corridors, beautiful recreation routes, culture, and green industrial chains.

Photo: NL Urban Solutions