Dredging part of the Primorsky UPK terminal project

The construction of Primorsky UPK (Primorsk Universal Loading Complex) project, a deep-water hi-tech port, will include dredging works in the amount of 12.5 million cubic meters, said Andrey Sizov, General Director of Primorsky UPK at the 4th International Congress “Hydraulic Engineering Structures and Dredging” in Moscow.

According to Sizov, large-scale dredging works will be conducted in the port of Primorsk through application of modern technological solutions, specialized equipment and international practices.

Apart from dredging, the project also includes reclamation of a 29-hectare plot and construction of 10 berths with a total length of 3,700 meters.

“We have already obtained approvals from the public and state environmental review bodies, positive conclusion of the technical audit from Royal Haskoning DHV acknowledging the quality, efficiency and sustainability of cargo handling technologies and construction solutions”, commented Andrey Sizov. “We hope to obtain the state expert approval from Glavgosexpertiza by the end of May 2021 and to commence large-scale construction of the port complex and the adjacent infrastructure.”

He concluded that the new terminals of Primorsky UPK will be able to handle vessels of up to 200,000 dwt (containerships of up to 23,000 TEU and bulkers of up to 150,000 tonnes in capacity).

Photo: Primorsky UPK