Penn Street deal for Mohawk Valley Materials

The USACE Baltimore District awarded a contract on March 5, 2021, to Mohawk Valley Materials for approximately $3.23 million to replace the floodwall adjacent to Penn Street – part of USACE’s Codorus Creek flood risk management project.


The overall project, located in the vicinity of York, Pennsylvania, is 4.8 miles in length, and includes a widened and deepened creek channel, levees, floodwalls and bank protection elements.

According to USACE, these components work jointly to help reduce flood risk to people and property in York, as well as communities downstream.

The project under this contract includes demolishing and replacing the entire floodwall with the installation of new stone (riprap) for bank erosion protection, as well as a new sluice gate and pipe built into the floodwall.

The work is anticipated to begin in early April and be completed within one year.

The Codorus Creek flood risk management project was authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1936.

It is estimated that in conjunction with Indian Rock Dam, this project has prevented more than $55 million in flood damages since their construction in the 1940s.