Felixstowe dredging works underway

New major dredging campaign is now underway at the Port of Felixstowe, Britain’s biggest and busiest container port and one of the largest in Europe.

Last week, the tug Dutch Power towed backhoe dredger Nordic Giant (55m LOA) to begin dredging operations on Felixstowe’s number 7 berth.

This stage of the berth 7 dredging programme started on the 17th of March and will last until the 4th of April 2021, announced the Harwich Haven Authority.

According to the notice, the following vessels will be operating within the Haven and approaches during the dredging works:

  • Tug Afon Las (25m LOA) & split barge (62m LOA);
  • Tug Afon Cefni (22.5m LOA) & split barge (62m LOA);
  • Tug Duke of Normandy (27.6m LOA) & split barge (63m LOA);
  • Tug Dutch Power (31.10m LOA) & split barge (63m LOA).

Tug GPS Avenger (27.02m LOA) will undertake plough dredging in the vicinity of Felixstowe number 7 berth and support the Nordic Giant.

Also expected to take part in this dredging project are trailer suction hopper dredgers Strandway, Waterway, Willem Van Oranje and the Medway.

As reported by the officials, the dredged material will be loaded into the split barges highlighted above and towed to the disposal areas.

Photo: Photo courtesy of Martyn Hanlon, Managing Director of Hanlon Harding Ltd.