PHOTO: Rainbowing in the Vila do Conde, Portugal

Danish dredging contractor Rohde Nielsen A/S recently completed another interesting project, this time in the Vila do Conde fishing port in Portugal.

Vila do Conde is situated at the mouth of the Ave River, and was historically a centre of shipbuilding and seafaring.

According to Rohde Nielsen, the dredging of the port was carried out from October 2020 to February 2021. The project included maintenance dredging of over 100.000m3 of sand from the port’s area.

Rohde Nielsen

The dredged sediments were dumped and rainbowed in front of the South beaches of Vila do Conde. The overall quantity dredged by hopper dredger and grab dredger Toste R, with assistance from TSHD Viking R and Trud R, was 130.000 m3.

Photo: Rohde Nielsen