Busy construction season begins in Aberdeen

Aberdeen Harbour Board is getting ready for a busy construction season this spring and summer at the South Harbour project site.

In the latest update on the project, the board said that construction of the South Harbour has continued at pace in March, and that the contractors are gearing up for a busy construction season ahead.

As reported, more than 40,000 tonnes of infill material has now been placed behind the caissons on the North Quay, and revetment work has continued on the North and West Quays.

They also added that a total of 16,000 tonnes of rock has been imported from Norway this month that will be used for the rock armour elements of the South Breakwater.

The on-site batching plant has been assembled at the North-East corner and has been undergoing concrete trials ahead of production for the Crown Wall in April.

What to expect in the month ahead…

  • Removal of winter protection structures on the North Breakwater;
  • Placement of infill material behind the caissons on the North Quays;
  • Production of concrete at the on-site batching plant at the North-East corner, and preparation work for the Crown Wall along the North Breakwater;
  • Arrival of more rock for the South Breakwater, and preparation for work around this area of the site.

The £350 million South Harbour expansion is the largest marine infrastructure project underway in the UK. When fully finished in 2021, the Dunnottar Quay is to be the 400 meter long east quay with Crathes Quay to be the 175 meter long south quay. Balmoral Quay, the west quay, will be 300 meters long and Castlegate Quay, the north quay, will be 540 meters long.

Photo: Aberdeen Harbour Board