Dredging plan unveiled for Naval Base Point Loma

The Naval Base Point Loma (NBPL) is submitting an Application for Permit for the Piers 5000 and 5002 Inner Berths Dredging Project at NBPL.

The dredging project is located in the northern part of San Diego Bay at the naval Pier 5000 and 5002 facilities near the USACE’s federal channel within the City of San Diego.

Dredging will be performed using a clamshell or backhoe dredge.

Project includes maintenance dredging of sediment across a 6.66-acre (290,133-square foot [sf]) site located at the NBPL Pier 5000 North Inner Berth (100,008 sf), Pier 5000 South Inner Berth (106,740 sf), and Pier 5002 North Inner Berth (83,385 sf) and subsequently place sediment off-site at the Silver Strand Boat Lanes in water depths between -25 to -35 feet MLLW.

According to the official announcement, the site will be dredged to increase water depth currently between approximately -30 and -37 feet MLLW to the maintenance depth of -36.6 feet MLLW plus a 2-foot overdredge allowance (to -38.6 feet MLLW).

During the project, approximately 24,306 cubic yards of sediment will be removed.

The deadline for submitting the comments is May 6, 2021.

Photo: USACE