VIDEO: Canal Restoration Project – Lower Matecumbe

Islamorada, Village of Islands, has just released this beautiful video about their ongoing Lower Matecumbe dredging project.

“This is post-hurricane Irma sediment removal. I know we’re almost four years out from Irma, but this is the final stages of a hurricane, debris and sediment removal that has been ongoing,” said Buddy Pinder, Village’s Mayor, in the video.

“We have about a two to three month project. We are going to be dredging five canals all on Lower Matecumbe. This is the first of five. We’re about three weeks into the project. This is Sunset Drive,. This was definitely the canal that was most impacted out of the five that we will be working on. We’ve got about some around 4,000 cubic yards of sediment that need to come out of here.”

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Islamorada is taking a lot of measures to protect the environment by protecting natural waters, the seagrass and the endangered species.

They have also hired an environmental consultant to provide the environmental inspections and oversight the entire dredging process.

Photo: Islamorada Social