Indian River beach and dune renourishment moves ahead

Most of Indian River County’s Sector 3 beach and dune renourishment project should be completed by this weekend, TCPalm reports.

According to Eric Charest, coastal resource manager for the county Coastal Engineering Division, the county has placed 384,000 cubic yards of sand a 3.7-mile stretch of shoreline between the Seaview subdivision and Wabasso Beach to restore beaches and dunes ravaged by recent storms.

The county has until the end of April to finish the work, and may end up adding even more sand if necessary, by then.

The second part of the Sector 3 project will be between Wabasso Beach and Turtle Trail and is to begin in November, Charest said.

Overall, the county plans to spend up to $12 million to restore the beaches and dunes over the next few years.

Most of the money to repair the dunes comes from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, with the rest from local tourist taxes, informs TCPalm.