Dredge barge snaps in two VIDEO

The Association of Professional Boatman of Serbia has released this shocking video of an overloaded dredge barge snapping in half.

The video also shows the moment when a worker makes an impressive jump to safety after the overloaded barge snapped in half and began sinking.

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The incident took place during dredging work near the town of Smederevo, situated on the right bank of the Danube River, in the central Serbian district of Podunavlje on April 8.

The dredging work was taking place near the confluence of the Morava and Danube rivers. At one point, the barge was unable to bear the weight of the load the dredger was tipping onto it and broke in half.

As seen in the footage, the worker on board the sinking barge had to make an impressive jump to safety.

After the incident, the unnamed man was sent to hospital for checks.

The sunken barge and the dredger were both owned by DMB Shipping based in the Serbian town of Ruma.

Photo: The Association