Guernsey Ports proposal revealed

The States’ Trading Supervisory Board (STSB), a committee of the States of Guernsey government, is proposing construction of a new port for freight and fuel imports that would free up valuable space around the island’s existing main harbours.

The recommendation of the STSB comes after a comprehensive review of the island’s harbour requirements.

According to the proposal, STSB is recommending that all commercial port activity is moved away from St Sampson’s Harbour to a new facility south of the Longue Hougue land reclamation site. That would leave the current harbour to focus on providing facilities for leisure boating.

The location of the proposed new port, Longue Hougue South, has previously been identified by the States as a potential land reclamation site. This would involve building of an outer breakwater, to enclose an area that can be infilled using inert waste materials from the construction and demolition industry.

STSB also added that the construction of a new port facility at Longue Hougue South would not be dependent on the proposed inert waste site going ahead.

However if the States agree to the STSB’s current proposals, the current design of any new land reclamation site in this location could be reviewed, to provide for the optimal port arrangements.

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