Longboat Key beach works in full swing

Weeks Marine is progressing rapidly with the Town of Longboat Key 2021 beach renourishment project.

Christopher Gavrity/Weeks Marine

The Town’s contractors are hard a work across the island actively placing sand.

As reported, beachfill operations are complete in Segment 2a-South and Segment 3. The contractor is also finishing work on the Segment 2a-North, after which the operations will move to the next pipeline landing in Segment 2.

Once the transition is made, work will progress from Bayfront Park southward (Segment 2b-South).

In total, the town is planning to place roughly 825,000 cubic yards of sand along the Longboat Key shoreline this spring/summer. This will stabilize the north tip of the island, combating the severe erosion that threatens Greer Island.

Simultaneously, Kelly Brothers continues to make progress on the northernmost rock groin structure on Greer Island.