Chicago Shoreline GRR included in the FY22 budget

The President’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2022 includes about $6.8 billion in gross discretionary funding for the Civil Works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including about $100 million in funding for the USACE Chicago District.

Of great significance for the region is an additional $500,000 for the Great Lakes Coastal Resiliency Study, a new start project that includes the three USACE Great Lakes districts – Buffalo, Chicago and Detroit – with a goal to create a plan identifying vulnerable coastal areas and recommending actions to bolster the coastal areas’ ability to withstand, recover from and adapt to future hydrologic uncertainty with respect to the built and natural coastal environments.

The Chicago District will also receive $500,000 for the Chicago Shoreline General Reevaluation Report. The GRR will determine if a new federal shoreline project is justified by reevaluating portions of the shoreline not constructed under the 1999 Water Resources Development Act. It will also consider protection challenges exacerbated by high-lake levels in recent years.

Both studies are long-term efforts to address shoreline challenges.

The President’s Budget for FY 2022 for the USACE Civil Works program funds the development, management, restoration, and protection of the nation’s water, wetlands, and related resources through studies, the construction, and operation and maintenance of projects.

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Photo: USACE